Friday, August 15, 2014

Using a Smartwatch to Increase Productivity

There is a lot of talk about the new wearable technology that is out there.  If you listen to most of the reviews you hear about how smart watches are useless.  They talk about how the price is way too high and the technology is in its infancy.   I have a different opinion.  I think that there are clear ways to make the a smartwatch fit into your life that warrants the price: 

1. Using a voice note - As busy as we are we are only as good as our last good idea.  These ideas usually don't come when you are on the computer ready to jot them down. They usually come in the middle of traffic while your mind wonders.  Hitting the voice memo button on your smart watch and capturing those ideas are a great way to not let great ideas fade.  

2. Using it as a back up alarm - There is going to come a time when your trusted smartphone is going to crash while you sleep and will not ring the alarm in the morning. This is not going to happen on a Saturday, when you have no real obligations.  This is going to happen when you have that important interview at your dream job.  Using your smartwatch you can ensure that you will be up and ready at those crucial moments. 

3. Save phone battery life -  Despite the fact that the smartwatches use battery life of your smartphone by connecting through bluetooth, it saves you a considerable amount of battery life. The savings come mostly with the fact that you are not checking the phone constantly when a notification comes in.  I find that I keep my phone i n my pocket more often because I can check my watch for my notification and only pull out my phone for the important things. 

My point? Buy a smartwatch!