Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Protecting your Smartphone without Otterboxing

Regardless if you are buying your phone subsidized or out-right, it is expensive. The modern smart phone cost (excluding the one plus one) cost between $600 and $800.  The fact is these are sophisticated computers that have been packaged for the consumer.  The problem with this is that people don't often respect the fragility of them until they lay before them with a broke screen.  This is most apparent when you go to the mall and you see them in back pockets.  

The other side of this, is that most people don't want to carry around a case that is built to stop bullets and feels like it. Here are some tips to find that middle ground: 

1. Buy a glass screen protector -Pretty much any phone that  you buy is going to Gorilla Glass which prevents scratches and does a good job of doing so.  The Gorilla Glass alone however does not protect from all scratches and will not protect from most drops. I am not a fan of plastic screen protectors as they negatively affect the the feel and look of the screen. Glass screen protectors  ,like the ones from iloom, increase the protection to your screen without bringing down the quality of the experience. 

2. Stop carrying the phone in your back and front pockets - These should be obvious , but they are not!

3. Buy a lot of cases - I think that people get tired of their phone cases and want that premium look and feel of their naked phone. This often is followed by the immediate drop to the pavement.  Get a bunch of cases so that you keep the new feel to your phone and maintain protection as well.