Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Verizon's Robbery vs. GhettroPCS

If you have not been paying attention lately, your cellular provider is robbing you!  I have been with Verizon going on 4 years now and have paid them more than I'd like to admit.  Just the thought of all the fee hikes, changes to data, and changes to policy , just gets me mad thinking about it! The last nail in the coffin was this new policy called "share everything plan". Check out the blog at droid-life.com for the details, the bottom line is higher prices.

There is a trend brewing that most who aren't nerds like me wont catch.  The pre-paid companies have been uping their game. The big problem that people have when it comes to the pre-paid route for cell phones are three things:
  1. Pre-paid service is not as good.
  2. Pre-paid phones are not as good 
  3. Pre-paid plans are for poor/ghetto people.
Service can vary depending on where you live.  If you are in a city like Sacramento, Oakland , Atlanta etc. you will have great service with a pre-paid carrier.  I had MetroPCS before I got locked into this Verizon contract, and my service was 100% better!

The phones in the early years of pre-paid were junk.  This has ALL changed:

Phone:  HTC Evo V 4g  &  iPhone 4s
Carrier: Virgin Mobile

Phone: HTC Evo Design
Carrier : Boostmobile
Phone: LG Connect 
Carrier: MetroPCS

The stigma that  pre-paid companies have will change soon.  I know this because as the phones get better, people will be more accepting to go the less expensive route.

Bottom line

The freedom that not having a cell phone contract, is similar to not having to pay a car note or not having credit card debt. Without these weights you can hustle more effectively and take advantage of opportunities more frequently. Break the shackles and get yourself a Ghettro!