Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Using Google Voice with Magic Jack for your Small Business Phone Lines

When you see an infomercial about a product, nine times out of ten the product will not do what it says.it will. One exception that I have found is the Magic Jack.  I probably don't need to explain what the Magic Jack is , but it is a small device that gives you phone line service through the Internet.  The technology is called Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP.  I have found that the quality is great and is perfect for a business phone when used with Google Voice.

Google Voice is Google's phone system that offers:

  • Phone relay services that allows you to use one number for multiple phone lines.
  • Visual voice-mail that is accessible from a web app , Android or iOS.
  • Free texting .
  • Integration with gmail contacts.
Using these services together is a great way of building a relay system.  If you have a company that have a number of representatives that are scattered in different areas, you can use the Google Voice number to relay to all the Magic Jack units of your representatives.  This solution alone can save you thousands.  Your welcome!