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The Paperless Entrepreneur

If you feel overwhelmed by all the endless paper in your business, I can help you become more efficient and organized. Migrating from a paper pushing business to a digital one is necessary in this fast and competitive market. In this report you'll learn: 

- Mobile scanning. 
- Selecting the right scanner. 
- Cloud storage. 
- (OCR) optical character recognition. 
- And much more.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Evernote

It's the new year and it's time to get more organized! Evernote is a great tool for those that have businesses or busy lifestyles. I have used Evernote for years and have found that it can be used to streamline a lot of things that you do at your desk.  My upcoming book "The Entrepreneur's Guide to Evernote" has topic covering: 

- Document Organization using Evernote
- Writing a Business plan in Evernote
- Researching using Evernote
- Project Management with Sunrise Calendar and Evernote
And much more

The Tech Savvy Parent

Coming Soon!