Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Put Your Phone Away! - Android Notifications on Your Desktop

When going into the office, I often find that people's biggest distracting is their phone. I see people constantly checking their smartphone as they look as they work.  This is often because they are looking and responding to notifications that makes their phone buzz on their desk.  Since not all notifications are created equal, people will often waste time, taking their attention away from what they're working on to look at a Candy Crush Saga request. These minutes that we lose every time this type of thing happens can be a real drain to our overall productivity. 

The answer to this dilemma is an application called PushBullet.  PushBullet's main functionality is to allow you to move links from one device to another.  It has a secondary feature where it will allow you get your notifications that come to your show up on your computer . 

This can be done by simply installing the application on your android device and and also on your Chrome browser.  When the notification comes in , it displays on your computer that also allows you to dismiss the notification from your android device. 

Now useless notifications can be recognized while staying locked into your task at hand.