Monday, April 21, 2014

Big Phone? Use Bottom Notifications with Metro

If you look at the current landscape of the smartphone world, you will notice that they are trending to the larger Phablet size.  The recent reports that the all mighty iPhone has a Phablet in the works is proof of this.  As a Phablet user myself, I find the most annoying part about having a Phablet is the way you have to access the notifications.  Making the long reach from the bottom of the phone to the top an be an uncomfortable thing.  I have started using Metro Notifications to get around this. Metro notifications uses the Windows Phone type of notifications that show up as a large bar on the phone that can be swiped away.  The initial configuration is set that the notification show up on the top of the phone.  This can be modified to show the notifications on the bottom. 

To configure the application for bottom notifications do the following: 

-  Open the Metro Notifications app.
-  Go to the notifications option.
-  Change the position to bottom.

This option alone makes using a Phablet much more efficient.