Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Revisiting DOIT.IM .. Getting Things Done has a Champion!

I made a post some time ago on the task management software DOIT.IM. The software is great and has made changes recently that makes it essential to my daily workflow. This program is the first app I open while brushing my teeth and second to only my alarm app when I am going to bed.

Some of the features that make this a must to anyone that wants to get things done are:

Sub-tasks, which are essential for doing projects.

Many task management software packages are horrible at this (i'm talking to you Astrid!).  DoIt.IM does it the right way by actually allowing you to create a project.  Within those projects you can have all the tasks that pertain to that project.

Goals, "Where there is no vision, the people perish " Prov 29:18

This is the heart of the program for me, and where I start my day.  Above projects is the Goal section , within these goals can be many projects.  This allows you to get an overall view of the things that are important to you.  Approaching tasks this way ensures that you never feel unaccomplished at the end of the day.

Review, check how productive you were ..or were not...

There is a benefit in giving yourself a grade.  DoIt.IM has a beta feature where you can grade you performance on a daily and weekly basis. This feature gives you a way to make sure you are improving as the days go buy.

This program is what thehustlerstech.com is all about. The android counterpart works exactly the same; and at $20 a year the increase in productivity you will enjoy is well worth the price.