Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Evernote Power User - Volume 3 - Read Later

With all the information that we are  thrown everyday,  we need a way to keep the information stored for easy access when you need to read it later.  A well known solution for this is an application called Read it Later , which allows you to send links to the application and read it later when your time allows.  As a Evernote Power User , I try to find ways to move task like this into the Evernote world so that I may reduce the amount of applications I am accessing daily. 

The "_Read Later" Notebook 

What I do is create a note book called "_Read Later" and all links that I can't get to at the moment into that Notebook.  Placing the underscore (_) before the notebook name, places the notebook in the top of your notebook list.    

The Process 

All during the day add items into your "_Read Later" Notebook.  Make sure to tag the note based on it's relevance.  This could be articles you find on the web, mail that you have taken a picture of with your smartphone, or videos that you want to watch from youtube. Block out a time during the day to go over all of the items in the notebook. Once you have read the item, place it in it's own notebook and clean out the _Read Later folder for the next day.  

Doing this will help reduce information overload.