Thursday, September 6, 2012

What a $159 Kindle can Do for Your Small Buisiness

Amazon has released a number of products today.  I want to focus on one for the small business owner.  The Original Kindle fire sold for $199 which was a great price as it is.  Amazon has topped that, by offering a better performing Kindle at $159.  They are able to sell these at such a low price because they make their money by selling you content from their site.

With this low price here are some ways to incorporate the Kindle in your business:

  • In a doctors office as a waiting room magazine.
  • In a restaurant for an interactive menus where your Waiters/Waitresses show today's specials via video.
  • At a car dealer to show all the available cars to a prospective buyer. 
The possibilities are endless at this price point.  If you know of any other uses, please leave a comment.