Sunday, September 2, 2012

Information Overload, Tips on Organizing Digital Information

As we move to an even more digital world , it is easy to get overloaded with the information that comes at us. Twitter, Facebook , Google Plus , Linkedin, E- Mail and Chat.  All of these streams of communication hold a significance to the entrepreneur.

Having these multiple communication channels can expand your reach and increase your clientele. Organizing these streams can save you your most precious asset, time. Here are some tips for combining  your streams to get the mot out of them:

  1. Combine your social media streams such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin using Bottlenose. Bottlenose gives you a very clean view of your social media streams that resemble an email layout. 
  2. Combine your email accounts into Zoho email.  Zoho Mail is similar to Microsoft's Outlook but it is a web based program that allows you to login once into its service and get access to all of your email accounts. 
  3. Chat using trilian which will allow you to chat with all your favorite chat programs in one place.
Using these three programs will reduce the amount of programs you access for communication from more than 10 to 3.  Your Welcome. 


Zoho Mail