Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Remote Meetings and Training: Helpful Tips

In this economy, a business needs to watch every penny that goes out, and make sure that it is utilized properly. One of the big drains of profit are the expenses to fly your employees to different places to receive training or give training. The solution for this, is to provide training through the use of an online conferencing software such as webex , gotomeeting, or zoho meetings. The concept of online conferencing is nothing new, so I wont go in depth on what they do , but here are some tips to properly utilize these software packages:

1. Run a dress rehearsal - Avoid scheduling a meeting before you have had time to run through a "rehearsal" .  Go through each slide you are going to be presenting and each program to make sure that the flow of the meeting will go as expected.

2.  For large meetings use chat - Voice conferencing with over eight people can be really unproductive. For large meeting use the chat feature.

3.  Use prerecorded videos - If you present something to many people that that you have to repeat often, prerecord the section so that you maintain consistency.


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