Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Future of Computing is in the Clouds - Free Cloud Based Business Apps

If you are starting a business, an important aspect to consider is saving money.  A great way to save is to use business tools that are free.  There are number of free business tools out there that are all free or very inexpensive.  An added benefit to these free business tools are they are cloud based, so there is no way to lose your important documents and they can be shared on multiple platforms.

It is important to get use to these cloud services , because the future of computing is going to be cloud computing.  Google is on the forefront with their Chrome browser.  Below are list of free business tools that you can find in the Chrome "web store":

Evernote -

The note taking giant that is the perfect cloud app.  It works just as well as the Windows full app , but it is much lighter , and you don't worry about the constant syncing.

Google Drive Office Suite -

I have spoken on the benefits of Google Drive as it relates to the storage benefits.  What I failed to mention is that Google Drive is upgrade of Google Docs.  Google Docs is online productivity suite that offers Microsoft Office-like programs ie. Word , Excel , Access , and Powerpoint, in an online form.

Pixlr Image Editing

Why pay load of money for Photo Shop when you may just need to create a logo for your business or edit some product photos?  Pixlr is a great , light alternative for minimal image editing needs.