Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keep up with your Favorite Business Podcast with BeyondPod

As I build my small business , I have focused on a few things to discipline myself to do on a consistent basis.  These things I feel will eventually benefit me as I go forward as an entreprenuer.  Some of those things are :
  • Working out 3 times a day.
  • Writing this blog.
  • Listening to podcasts for entrepreneurs.
Of the three , I have found that consistently listening podcasts about business has contributed to keeping me focused.  As a result, my podcasts manager app of choice , BeyondPod has become the number one application that I use on my Android device.  Some of the highlights of this apps are:

  • You can schedule podcasts to download at specific times of the day.
  • You can import and sync you podcasts with Google Reader.
  • It includes it's own internal media player.
Once you have purchased the app , here are some must-have podcasts for the entrepreneur: 

A straight talk (Rated R) podcasts that focuses on the mentality that is needed to make money.  The host is Daniel Freeman, a business owner and author of " How to Make a dollar out of 15 Cents", who preaches the urgency of financial independence.   It's clear that his goal is to not be a motivational speaker , but a source of actionable information.   Click here to subscribe to the Rise and Grind Radio show

Hosted by Will Lane , I found his podcast very inspirational.  He has a number of different guests on his show that give different perspectives on starting a business. Subscribe to the Dream Chasers show by clicking here

Hosted by brothers Joel and Neil , this pod casts bring together both information packed episodes and guests that motivate.  I found this podcast yesterday and went through several while working out.  I found that some of the things they talked about like a one page business plan and building a profile of an ideal customer, were so valuable I felt bad that it's free.  I highly recommend you go here to subscribe!