Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Free Website Templates with Zoho Sites

In the early years of the Internet, many people would spend loads of many to develop a website.  For a simple website , it would not be a shock if you spent over a $1000 for a basic site that just gave information. Today there are many low-cost options that are available to the entrepreneur.  One that I found very useful is Zoho Sites.

What sets Zoho Sites apart from other Website template / hosting solutions are the following:

  • Very cheap , you can get a great webpage with a number of tools for $35 a year.
  • A free option that provides you with a full website, with lesser features (which will be adequate for many).
  • Easy to use tools that allows you to build a site without a developer.
  • Free mobile site! (for Android and iOS) 

Zoho has been in the web app game for a while and they create some very stable business tools.  This Website design tool is no different.