Monday, June 25, 2012

Hustle Tip:Using a Navigation Shortcut

If you have an Android device , you also have the most advanced navigation technology on the market. There are a number of reasons why there will be NO navigation system that will beat the one that is in your pocket a few are:

  1. The sync between the Internet and GPS allows for a number of online service to be available.
  2. Google Maps includes street view that will allow you to see destinations up close.
  3. The integration with Google services like Latitude makes it easy to find friends.
  4. Google continues to make it better with over-the-air updates.
So since you have this great technology, a great way to utilize it is by using navigation shortcuts.  From your device's main screen, hold and select "shortcut".  You will then select "Directions and Navigation".  

Once you have your directions shortcut box up you can place any address in with a relevant name and icon. 

Situations that a navigation shortcut comes in handy for the hustler:
1.If there are a number of stops that you need to make in a day.  Prior to the going out on your mission plot out all of the stops and make a shortcut for each.   Place each stop from the first to the last in top to bottom order so you can get to each destination in a timely fashion.
2. Quickly gaining traffic reports for places you go frequently.  It is a benefit to know how fast you will be able to get back to your office from where ever you are.  This will allow you more clarity to on how far you can stretch your most valuable resource .. time.