Saturday, November 9, 2013

Updated: SPIGEN SGP Slim Armor view Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

There is no worse feeling for one that is a hustler/go-getter than to have their money line drop to the floor and shatter into a million pieces. As your phone slips out of your hand in slow motion , you think of all of he calls that you are going to miss.  That job that you interviewed for , that new client who's calling you about that $10,000 deal , that new vendor that is going to charge you 20% less than your current one. Yes, they are all calling today! "The phone looks so  pretty without a case on it" , you recall as your Galaxy S 4 makes a crashing sound that makes the people around you say "Ouch "!

This is why people that are productive NEED to have good quality cases. There is a balancing act that you have to engage in.  It looks ridiculous for you to pull a jumbo rubberized case out in a business meeting.  However, with all the things you must do, you have to secure your phone in anticipation of you inevitably dropping it . 

The SPIGEN SGP Slim Armor view Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 strikes that balance between the a rugged case like the Otter Box but is sleek and professional looking.

Pick this up up here . 

Update: Pick up the black version here