Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Killer App S Note on The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

There are a number of reviews that talk about the Note 8.0. Often the reviews all come from people with a certain perspective. They have either used the Note in a very limited capacity, as it is with people that are tech reviewers. They have the privilege of using a number of different devices that they use for a short amount of time and they treat every device the same.  The Note 8.0 should be set apart from all these other devices because of two specific things: S Note and the S Pen.  

In my opinion there is no better device for the hustler!  The Note 2 is a great device and works as a great companion with the Note 8.0 , but the size of the Note 8.0 extends it's functionality to a high level.  The pairing of the powerful hardware of the Note 8.0 with the S Note software creates one of the most productive platforms that you will find.  It goes far beyond just doodling down a phone number . It allows you to input information how ever you like.  Either by typing it through the the keyboard, placing in a picture, clip art, voice dictation , and some of the best handwriting recognition that you are going to find.

This may not be the device for everyone , but for the hustler, this is a must have.