Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finance Management , the Mobile Way

To properly manage your business and take your hustle to next  level, aggressive money management has to be a priority. Money management is not sexy but can be made bearable by using the right tool to fit your needs.

The best place to start , is your financial institutions. All the big banks have a website and most have a Android app that you can do the main functions from the site.  I use Chase, here are some examples of options I have found useful from their mobile solutions.

  1. Text notifications can be set for many thing that happen on your account .  Set it for daily balance updates and a text for each transaction.
  2. The Android and iPhone app both allow you to scan checks and deposit them on the go.

Money Management Apps is a feature rich program for managing personal finances.  It also has a Android app that syncs the information from the website to your device. This program can give you an overview of financial situation and provides graphs to

PageOnce is also a money management system with both a web an Android app.  The strength of the application is it's notification system that will let you know when bill due dates are coming up.   This application also allows you to pay bills within the app, making it a must have money management app.