Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cure Children of Convenient Alzheimer's with Evolve SMS

For those that have children, like myself, it is a well known fact that children have Convenient Alzheimer's.  I have no medical evidence of this, but when I tell my kids that something needs to be done, and it is not in the next five minutes, this condition creeps up and over takes them.  I have found a cure and it's scheduled text messages through Evolve SMS. Evolve SMS is a great SMS replacement with some nice features.  I only use it for scheduling SMS messages. The way I use it is whenever I have a task that will be in the next few days for my kids I set up three scheduled texts:

1.  First text asking them to do the task (ex. "wash the car").
2. Second text asking if they started (ex. "how's that car wash going?").
3. Third a text asking that they confirm (ex. "let me know when you get that done").

With a little help we can rid our children of this horrible disease.