Thursday, July 5, 2012

Make your Smartphone Smarter with MyProfiles

Have you ever been in a meeting and your phone rang?  Depending on the circumstances, it can either be no big deal , or one of those moments where you wish you could disappear.  There are options that you have on your Android device that will ensure that you don't have to explain why "Teach me How To Dougie" is your default ringtone!

Relying on your memory to turn off the ringer on your phone is a losing battle for most. The best way to tackle this issue is with the MyProfiles app.  MyProfiles is a program that can automatically set your phones settings based on certain circumstances.  A good example is if you are near your job your wifi, ringer, and GPS will all turn off and your note taking program will open.  This can be really handy for the busy person because it can increase your battery life and make your phone work the way you want , when you want.

MyProfiles has a clean and easy to understand user interface.  They use icons that are vibrant and simple to distinguish.  

MyProfiles has a free and a paid version which is $1.80 .  I suggest to get the paid pro version as you will get all of the features that it includes.  The link is below: 

MyProfiles in the Play Store