Friday, June 15, 2012

The Go Software Suite

Using an Android device for most can be a very confusing thing.  This is because there is no single Android experience on an Android platform.  This is because the Android platform is open source.  What that means is that multiple manufacturers can  make their own custom Android experience.  Companies like Motorlola, LG, Samsung, Sony, and HTC all have their own Android experience.

These experiences are fine, but they can be very heavy and unappealing visually.  There are many alternatives out there that will give you a custom experience, but there are none that are as complete and functional as the Go Software Suite.  The developers at "Go " have a suite of software from a launcher, keyboard, and even a lock screen app.

The benefit to the productivity fiend is that when you use multiple devices or you switch devices frequently, you can always depend on having a consistent experience.  These also have the added benefit of being FREE!

Go Launcher from the market
Go Keyboard from the market
Go Locker from the market